Executive Director

Renée A. Foyou, PhD, MAR, LPC, NCC, BC-TMH, AFC

Renée is a Professional Counselor, an exceptional Teacher, a dynamic Speaker, a dedicated Life Coach, a distinguished Writer, an avid Researcher, and a diligent Consultant.  She is also a treasured wife, a beloved mother, and a grateful military spouse.

Her Story

I regularly attended church when I was growing up. I made the decision to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, become a Christian, and was baptized while I was in Elementary School. I am grateful that my parents introduced my siblings and I to Christ at a young age. My parents not only taught me about Christ in their words but also in their actions. My parents served in various leadership positions in the Church. They dedicated their lives to serving inside and outside of the Church. I was persistently surrounded by children and adults who were a part of my faith tradition. This foundation was very helpful for me as I grew and especially when I left my parents’ home to attend college.

My college years marked the longest period of time I was away from my family. I moved over twelve hundred miles away from my family the summer following my high school graduation. It was an exciting yet sobering time. It was also the first time I felt the most challenged in faith.

My tenure at college marked the first time I was not persistently in the company of others who shared my faith tradition. I came to truly understand the importance of having a personal relationship with Jesus. My life verse Philippians 4:13, “For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength”, was especially important to me during this time. I did not experience a turning away from my faith during college but I certainly was challenged about my relationship with Christ and subsequently how I lived my life. I was challenged on numerous occasions to give an account for my faith (1 Peter 3:15). I persevered and graduated with distinction.

I went on to attend graduate school earning a masters degree in counseling and another in religion. I later attained a doctorate in counselor education and supervision. Throughout my schooling and life experiences, the importance of relationships persistently reverberated. Relationships with God and others became exceedingly importantly for me.
One of these important relationships grew exponentially over time. That relationship developed into a lifelong partnership, my marriage to my husband. My husband and I attended the same college. He and I made a commitment not only to each other but more importantly to God. We continue to honor our commitment to God and each other while nurturing our growing family.

Our military connected family is blessed with a great mission. It keeps us grounded and ever dependent on Jesus. Our marital partnership and subsequently the calling placed on our family has fostered many different seasons. Many of these I did not envision prior to marrying my husband. Thankfully these seasons were not a surprise to God. I learned to trust God even more than I had as a little girl growing up in a Christian home. I continue to cling to Philippians 4:13 with the full assurance that I will be successful wherever God leads my family. Our family’s prayer is that we will meet and touch people for the advancement of the kingdom of God. I remain in awe of the remarkable and wonderful works of God in my life and that of my family.
Royally Relational is one of the marvelous works God has entrusted to us. The journey to establish Royally Relational was long. The process however, was truly worth the sacrifices. We believe that the mission of this organization is timely for our community, our generation, and our world.

While we all are still working individually, let us work collectively to lighten our loads, to strengthen others, and to build up each other. I encourage you to journey with someone today and invite you to utilize the information shared through the Royally Relational Community to appropriately assist you. We welcome your feedback and appreciate your support as we remain faithful to our calling.

Executive Board

We have an active board that assists with the decision making process for the Royally Relational Institute.