Date Night Jewels


1. Date Night Guide

Step 1: Go someplace different for dinner.


Step 2: Enjoy your time together! Pick a fun activity… it’s as simple as that. Consider these options:
– Miniature golf or Frisbee golf
– Cooking class
– Sporting event
– Ballroom dancing
– Thrift store shopping
– Amusement park

Step 3: Relax and unwind. Ready to answer a few questions?
– What was your favorite part of the evening?
– What was one thing you learned about me tonight that you didn’t know before?
– What are some of the things we enjoy doing together? What memories do these activities evoke? What are some new activities that we’d like to consider for a future date? How can we make sure that we make spending enjoyable time together a regular part of our marriage?

Step 4: Home sweet home. Let’s plan our next date!- Think about additional ways you can foster fun times together.

[Obtained from article “The heart and soul of date night” written by Greg Smalley].

Have a great night!

2. Just The Two of Us

Whether you go out or stay in, make this date night all about you and your spouse.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started on cultivating a special evening.

1. Find a quiet space.


2. Put away your electronic devices.

3. Take a minute or two to gaze deeply into each other’s eyes.

4. Spend time reminiscing about your fondest moments as a couple.

5. Play a song, wear a special article of clothing or piece of jewelry, splash on cologne or perfume, recite a poem, or read some personally crafted words of endearment. Whatever you choose ensure it is something that will lead your spouse to smile/blush.

You can utilize all five, one, two, etc. of these suggestions on your next date night. The goal is to intentionally allocate and spend time on your marriage enrichment.

Happy Dating!

3. Filling My Spouse’s Love Bank

The goal this week is to intentionally deposit currency that will help fill your spouse’s love bank. The medium will be the 5 Love Languages (by Gary Chapman), so you can speak your spouse’s love language.


Hopefully you are aware of your spouse’s primary love language. (If you forgot, check out the chart below for a quick refresher).


(If you don’t know your and/or your spouse’s love language, take this short assessment.)

Consider two tangible ways that you can speak your spouse’s love language. Be sure to clearly and lovingly communicate your love needs to your spouse. That way your spouse can also fill your love bank.

Be creative and have fun.

Happy Dating!

 4. Our Family Values

This week the goal is to explore your family values. This will help to highlight if you and your spouse are on the same page.

Activity: If your family were a tree: What leaves would be on your tree? What leaves would be dead on the ground? What leaves would be falling from your tree?


The leaves represent your family values. You may consider drawing a tree on a large piece of white paper for imagery. You can also use colored markers to draw the tree, leaves, and to label each individual value.

1. Leaves on tree: honesty; hard work; daily prayer

2. Leaves that are falling (i.e. things you are working to rid your family of): unhealthy eating; frivolous spending; and impatience

3. Leaves on ground (i.e. things you do not want in your family): lack of empathy; secrecy; ingratitude

Talk about each leaf with your spouse. You might not be able to complete this activity in one sitting. This likely is a work in progress. Decide on a time to continue your conversation.

Happy Dating!